I do not want to become too big! I just want to tone up and lose a bit of weight! I do not want to train my arms, I just want to train glutes and thigh inside! I have to lose weight so I only do cardio!


Every time a woman steps foot in a gym, these are the sentences that the trainers are forced to listen to during the anamnesis. Why do women and weights not really agree?

The main reasons are three, one of a purely cultural nature, the second of a social nature and the third of a methodological nature.


The first issue of women and weights, like men, was born over the ocean in post-war America. The image we have of weight training, generally called bodybuilding, is a profoundly sick and narcissistic image. Here, weight training has nothing to do with health promotion and those huge and muscular bodies we are used to seeing, whether male or female (or what’s left of a woman) are the photos you have imprinted in the brain, fearing, disturbing and very difficult to remove.


The second problem originates from the image and consideration we have of women, especially in Western societies. The woman has always been seen as a thin and harmless being, unable to perform heavy work and suitable to perform only light tasks such as housework and office, as well as the role of taking care of the offspring. In addition, today’s beauty standards spread by the fashion industry make matters worse. More and more girls are influenced by those skinny, consumed and diseased bodies that do not even reach 50kg of weight and those fake faces, reminiscent of make-up and photoshop, which unfortunately get a big success on socials with millions of followers.


The third problem lies in the methodology in order to introduce women to weight training. Most trainers, supporting the crazy demands of already lean women who want to lose even more weight until they disappear, assign training cards that require very little weight and high repetitions. It often happens that women are “training” with pink little weights from half a kilo to a kilo and doing 20-30 reps, maybe after having ran an hour on the treadmill. Training methods that are practically useless, which do not neither lose weight or build muscle mass, leading soon to demotivation and consequently abandoning the gym.

Dear women, if you are still stuck with these problems you should know that you are losing precious years of workout. We understand your mistrust of the weights well, but now we try to abandon the commonplace and open the mind to understand how the facts really are.

Reality is another and unfortunately the endless hours of jogging and the zumba, as fun as they could be, will not give you that physical form and state of health you have been looking for.


Women have to work with weights just as men do. There is no methodology for women and a different methodology for men. There is no female fitness and no male fitness. These are just other commercial inventions. The only difference between men and women is the hormonal pattern: at the same age, height, weight and workout experience, a man will naturally be stronger than a woman due to the greater testosterone production.

So let’s debunk the myth of the fear of gaining too many muscles and becoming too big, ridiculous and unfounded fear. As mentioned earlier, if you think about becoming like those American muscle monsters, take it easy because you are wrong. Those women, for what is left of the woman, are not the product of weight training rather anabolic steroids that they have been injected for years.

Well yes, that’s the world of anabolic steroids, growth hormones, insulin, amphetamines, diuretics and many other muscle-boosting drugs that we repudiate and to which our philosophy and training methodology is totally extraneous. The most commonly used drugs are the synthetic version of testosterone, a hormone that, when taken, creates an unnatural increase in muscle mass and even gives male traits.

Do not be afraid of weights and above all replace those horrible images you have in your head with the images of the female gods of ancient Greece, because it is to them that your body is going to look like if you train with weights.

The main reason because you need to work with weights is the innumerable benefits that this type of physical activity generates. Weight training works very positively on your psycho-physical condition by bringing many health benefits for women that are basically the same benefits that men get:

  • increase in muscle mass (naturally and harmonically) and decrease in fat mass, exactly what you call “toning”;
  • rising in basal metabolism;
  • decreased fat mass;
  • growht in bone mass;
  • reduction of blemishes such as cellulite, and build-up of adipose tissue due to improved peripheral blood and lymphatic circulation;
  • improvement of the posture above all of the diffused kyphotic attitude, commonly called hump;
  •  refinement of curves and body lines;
  • increased self-esteem and self-confidence, mainly due to visible aesthetic improvements and lifted loads;
  • general psychophysical enhancement;
  • prevention of osteoporosis and sarcopenia.

Weight training will give you a great deal of self-esteem, confidence in your physical abilities and make you independent.

You will no longer need to ask your partner to bring the watercourses, your staircase or any other heavy loads because you will be able to do it yourself and even better than men because you, women, have an immense mental strength you are not aware of.

This is why training at the gym and developing a super-woman physic will make life easier for you and help you to emancipate yourself. In addition, the results you get from month to month will gradually lead you to abandon the images of anorexic models.  Therefore, you will address to another beauty model, that of the strong, muscular and curvy woman exactly as Mother Nature has perfectly designed.

Finally, you will abandon those skinny clothes or those large trousers where you hide your excess fat and begin to enhance your body. Gradually you will abandon make up, nail polish, creams and other illusory tools and magic tricks because your body will no longer need to be hidden and the mirror will never be such an enjoyable object to use.

If your trainer prescribes you a toning card at the gym, including an hour of cardio, followed by random exercises with 20 reps and featherweight, you better change trainer. If all the trainers in your gym use this methodology you better change your gym. Otherwise, you will waste lots of money and time.


The weights, as the word itself says, must be heavy. Obviously, with a proper training methodology that takes into account your current condition, just as with men, you will first learn the technique of basic and complementary exercises, and only after gaining confidence the weights will be increased.

But this reconditioning process, as in most cases, does not last for years or even months. In fact, if you train well you will be able to make good progress and to increase the weights week after week. The weight should be felt and must give a progressive training stimulus and the next day the muscles must also be slightly sore.

If this does not happen, you will never build muscle mass and never burn fat (what everyone mistakenly calls toning) but you consume only a few calories you will replace with the food.

In fact, the calories burned during your workouts do not count for anything. What counts are calories burned throughout the rest of the day. And how do you burn even more while you sleep? Increasing the basal metabolism. And how? The answer is always the same: build muscle mass.

Weight training is the only way to get the body you always desired but above all health and quality improvement of life.

Leave behind myths, legends, and clues and come and work with us. The super woman hidden in each of you is waiting impatiently to be awakened.

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