The collective imagine of weight training has for decades been literally ruined and infested by the stereotype of steroid intake, giving people the idea that everything is just illness, narcissism and frustration when it is actually the opposite.

Weight training is health, psycho-physical well-being, prevention and above all a definite response to the insults of time in our bodies.

Just training at the gym and lifting weights in an organized, safe and, most of all, non-medicated way allows us to put on muscle mass which will then be jealously preserved in the elderly because it is indispensable for our health.

At around the age of 50, man begins to lose precious muscular and bone tissue following sedentary, age-related pathologies in physiological aging processes that affect motor neurons and the hormone system.
And if you think that your muscles have only an aesthetic function, you are wrong and I recommend abandoning your prejudices if you want to reach a happy old age.

And why would these muscles be so important?
The muscles allow us to interact with the surrounding environment, to move, to digest the foods we eat, to breathe and prevent the force of gravity from cracking our skeleton. The heart is a muscle pumping blood into our body through continuous contractions.

Muscle tissue acts as a sugar deposit in the form of glycogen, ensuring glycemic control and preventing diseases such as dreaded type 2 diabetes.
Muscles protect the joints by providing static and dynamic support and prevent degeneration of ligaments and cartilages.

Muscle tissue is a metabolically active tissue that allows us to burn calories and oxidize fatty acids by combating the onset of metabolic diseases, dyslipidemia and excessive accumulation of subcutaneous and visceral fat.

Muscles, if affected by good weight training, stimulate the receptors in the bones in favor of the formation of new bone tissue and thus prevent the social plague of osteoporosis.

Furthermore, weight training stimulates both in men and women endogenous testosterone production, also called the hormone of youth whose levels begin to decline from 50 years..

These and many other physiological functions are performed by your muscles. Abandon common tales and rumors about dumbbells and barbells, let’s learn to respect, honor, and love our muscles.