Stefano Mariani – Founder of EVOplus

Physical Activity Specialist

After a period of obesity culminating at the age of 16, I decided that the time had come to improve the quality of my life. That’s how my career began. 4 years later, motivated by the 30 kilos lost, I enrolled in the Faculty of Motor Sciences at the University of the Foro Italico in Rome. I laid the foundations of my knowledge. After graduating I signed the enrolment for the international master’s degree “Health and Physical Activity”.

In the meantime, the extra kilos had returned. I was back on the threshold of obesity. A series of favorable events in this period of my life brought to my eyes methods very different from the usual calorie count and compulsive physical activity. An ancestral lifestyle, evolutionary nutrition, control of stressful agents, endogenous hormonal manipulation will all be key points of my future thesis. “Return to the origins of the human lifestyle, health promotion and prevention of chronic degenerative diseases”.

By adopting this approach, my health and fitness improved in a very short time, without relapses, without counting calories and without going to the gym every day. Meanwhile, in 2014, one September evening in the alleys of central Rome, I met the love of my life, Anna. I obtained the International Master with top marks and moved to Switzerland, where I have been working as a personal trainer and lifestyle coach since 2015. Together with Anna fund EVOplus, a project based on the ancestral lifestyle for the promotion of health and prevention of chronic degenerative diseases.

Anna Milena Mariani - Founder of EVOplus

EVOplus Athlete

I tried many sports during my childhood and adolescence: football, horse riding, martial arts, belly dancing, salsa, often jogging and even the sports program at the gym in Solothurn. I had problems with my diet when I was a teenager, I ate unhealthy food and too little because I wanted to be thin. I started smoking to stay lean. I counted calories and did sports obsessively until I was physically and nervously exhausted.

That’s how it went on until I was 20 years old. After graduating, I did a two-year internship. During this time I went running every day, struggling with a disturbed self-perception of my body that varied according to my mental conditions. After the internship I went as an au pair to Rome, where I met my husband Stefano. He was who introduced me to weight training, patiently explaining its many advantages. I decided to review my body image: I no longer wanted to be consumed by thinness and fatigue but strong, healthy and efficient.

Since 2015, I’ve been practicing weight training on a regular basis and I feed on foods that we’ve fed on for millions of years: species-specific food. Physically and psychologically, I am more stable than ever. And I know this is just the beginning! Following this personal development, which has exceeded all my expectations, I decided together with Stefano to share our knowledge and experience and found EVOplus. With us, those who want to improve their health and quality of life will receive optimal and competent support.




One more reason to choose EVOplus:

Improving your health, your fitness and consequently your quality of life is a path that cannot only be learned in books. There are many variables and difficulties that the personal trainer absolutely must know to help the student in the best possible way to achieve the goals set. We have already done all this and we continue to do it day after day.