Food supplements are products intended to supplement a common diet and include a concentrated source of nutrients for the body.

Vitamins, minerals, but also essential fatty acids, amino acids, fibers and plant extracts are all substances that have a nutritional and physiological effect that, if used in a rational and targeted manner, can really help to improve health and performance.

Why is it important to integrate? Simply because the increasingly refined foods, greenhouse fruit and vegetables, meat and fish farming, our constant stress and our western lifestyle undergo us to serious and dangerous nutritional deficiencies.

Food supplements, as they are not drugs, do not give an illusory feeling of immediate well-being and may have no effect if not associated with proper nutrition and / or if prescribed in ridiculous doses.

For this reason, according to our direct experience and through recent scientific studies, Evoplus avail itself of the massive and targeted use of dietary supplements for preventive and rehabilitative purposes and to minimize the insults of time to our bodies.

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