199 instead of 299 CHF / Month

269 instead of 399 CHF / Month

149 instead of 179 CHF / Lesson


Coaching Online

  1. There are 2 online Coaching levels. Evaluate what is offered at each level and select the one that suits you best.
  2. The price shown on the packages is monthly.

Online coaching also includes:

  • Assistance, support, control and possible weekly changes.
  • Weekly goals with further incentive to stay focus.
  • Articles and posts related to training, food supplementation and nutrition in order to give the student additional knowledge.

Evoplus recommends the “Online coahcing PLUS” service if you have no experience and/or have been training regularly in the gym for less than 2 years.


  • Purchase through postfinance e-banking. As an alternative, payment on the PayPal platform.
  • Following the reception of payment, we will send the medical history form to be filled in, sign and send by email to the email address provided.
  • We will send you the training card in PDF format via email *.
  • Food and nutritional advice** will be communicated via the service***
  • Right to assistance regarding the training card, nutritional advice, food supplementation, goal keeping and motivation (other requests will be declined).
  • During the duration of the service, weekly goals will be set in order to maintain a high level of motivation and to encourage full participation in our training programmes.

Evoplus suggests:
Each training card has the preferred duration of 3-6 weeks.
The dietary and food supplementation advice will be constantly updated according to new energy requirements, seasons of the year, type of training and tangible weight gain or loss.

* Sending the training card, food supplementation and nutritional advice will take place within 24 hours after receiving the medical history form filled in and signed (Evoplus cards are not standard but personalized, requiring time to be developed by our team).
** Evoplus will suggest the food supplements to be purchased (brand and online distributor) whose cost which will be fully at the expense of the client.
*** Assistance will be provided via an agreed media platform, preferably whatsapp or messenger.


Evoplus is NOT responsible for the risks arising from physical activity and possible injuries caused by improper execution of the exercises and any other cause.

Evoplus is NOT responsible for any health complications arising from food intolerances not declared by the client in the medical history.

Evoplus is NOT responsible for any health problems. Before undertaking any kind of physical activity, please contact your physician.




69 instead of 99 CHF


Skype consulting

  • Purchase through Postfinace e-banking. As an alternative, payment on the PayPal platform.
  • Agree time and day according to the availability of both Evoplus and the customer.
  • The consultation will take place through the previously agreed multimedia platform Skype.
  • The consultation has a duration of 45 minutes that can be extended following exceptional technical problems (blackout or drop in connection).
  • During the consultation we will answer your questions concerning training, nutrition, food supplementation, motivation and any other lifestyle theme.
  • No other theme than those listed above will be discussed (eg politics, economy, etc.).
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