As 21st century’s citizens, we are forced everyday to assume unappropriated postures. Working on the computer, lifting weights in a wrong way and even using too much time on our smartphones are daily behaviours, which could lead to postural disorders and therefore pathology.

What is the posture?

The term posture represents the body’s attitude in relation to the environment and the way we interact with what surrounds us.

Complex neurofisiological and biomechanical mechanisms, psychic factors and social relations define our postural attitude. From this, we can figure out how the posturology is not an independent branch of knowledge and it can exist only in a global understanding of the body and the “disease”.

Indeed, in the cases of postural disorders is necessary the complete collaboration with other professional figures such as the osteopath, the physiotherapist, the speech therapist, the neurologist, the orthopaedist, the ophthalmologist and the otolaryngologist.

Did you know that even a not well-grown tooth could induce postural disorders and consequently pain localized in specific body’s areas?

Only after a global examination and by beginning from your wrong postural attitude awareness, we are going to strengthen those muscle groups accountable for your disorders and pain in order to bring your wellness back.

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