Online coaching is a very effective and increasingly used method, given its excellent results. It is often preferable to classical coaching especially because of its convenience. According to this method, the client is allowed to stay quietly in his more comfortable environment without wasting energy and expense moving, making the meeting more enjoyable and learning more effectively.

The strengths of online coaching are:

  • The student has a direct contact through the agreed multimedia platforms (skype, facebook, whatsapp)

  • Being in their comfort zone, both physically and emotional, the student is placed in optimum conditions for learning and achieving goals.

  • It involves considerable savings of energy and money, avoiding travelling.

  • It offers the possibility to start a coaching course despite being thousands of miles away.

Before starting the online coaching program, we will send you all the necessary files in word or pdf format (medical history, training plan, nutrition, etc.) by mail or any other multimedia platform you prefer. Moreover, you will not be left to yourself but you will receive support and answers to questions relevant to your learning progress.

Before you start your online coaching path, take the time and answer honestly the following questions:

  • Are you browsing this site because you would like to improve your quality of life and physical condition?

  • Do you really want to improve your physical fitness and achieve well-being?

  • Are you psychologically ready to change something in your life?

  • Are you willing to pick out time during your day for coaching sessions?

  • Are you willing to follow a training program?

  • Are you ready to change your eating habits?

  • Are you aware that changing something requires a considerable effort, acting differently and above all believing in yourself?

  • Are you aware that miracles do not exist and that the responsibility of your change will primarily be yours?

Well, if you answered with a firm YES to these questions please contact us as soon as possible.

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