The nutritional needs of each living being are written in its DNA and determined by the evolutionary process that accompanies each species.

During the course of human evolution, our DNA has been selected to accept certain types of food, the species-specific food.

Feeding on NON-species-specific food (i.e. food that is NOT compatible with one’s own DNA) promotes serious imbalances in the body.

However, in the last 100 years, man has become a walking rubbish bin that introduces all kinds of junk food produced by a food industry that has little interest in promoting health.

Today we know that the food we eat is the determining factor influencing the delicate balance between health and disease.

The constant introduction of NON-species-specific food such as highly processed foods, but also flours, sugars and much more, has opened the door to chronic degenerative diseases.

Our proposal for nutrition is based on the introduction of natural and minimally processed foods such as fruits, vegetables and meat.

By feeding on species-specific food, the feeling of hunger and satiety will coincide with a real need for energy or not. The calorie count will be a sad memory and you will gain in health and physical performance.

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