Are you tired of training in super crowded gyms where no one follows you?

Do you have zero workout experience and no idea about dumbbells and barbells?

Do you enroll in the gym, perhaps paying the entire year membership, and after a few weeks you lose motivation and give it up?

Do you fail to achieve your goals?


Perhaps you should hire a Personal Trainer.

 Let’s understand together the advantages of being followed by a good Personal Trainer. Read here!

If you need special assistance and want to be followed even during your workouts, Evoplus offers the Personal Training service.



  1. By training together, your training sessions will be more effective, challenging and entertaining.
  2. We will evaluate your physical condition and posture accurately by assigning targeted exercises aimed at achieving the goals set.
  3. The exercises will be explained and shown directly in order to help you learn more effectively, thanks to the use of tactile feedback.
  4. The execution of the exercises will be continuously monitored and corrected in order to avoid problems and prevent any injuries.
  5. The workout will be optimized by properly managing the series, loads, repetitions and breaks, thus achieving the results as quickly as possible.
  6. Your motivation will grow, considerably reducing the risk of giving up.

179/129 CHF*

895/645 CHF*


1. Purchase through postfinance e-banking. As an alternative, payment on the PayPal platform.

2. Send the anamnesis form to be filled in, signed and emailed to info@evoplus.ch.

3. The duration of the lessons is 75 to 90 minutes and includes, according to the client’s request, nutrition and food supplements advice.

4. During the first lesson you will be evaluated in order to formulate your personalized training plan aimed at achieving your goals.

5. The lessons will be held at the gym GymFit Club Bern in Randweg 9, 3013 Bern.

6. (Only related to the first training for non-GymFit members) Before training in GymFit, the client is required to fill in the discharge form, where he will provide his / her personal data and declare that he / she has no health problems in order to perform physical activity in the gym.

7. The cost of 179.- for the single lesson and the cost of 895.- for the 5-pack package include single entrance and gym, the use of changing rooms and showers and includes also the training plan.

8. The cost of 129.- for the single lesson and the cost of 645.- for the 5-pack package are reserved only to members of the Club GymFit and include the training plan.

9. The day and time of the training will be agreed on the basis of the availability of Evoplus, the customer and the opening hours of GymFit.

10. Lessons will be held in Italian, German or English depending on your preferences.

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