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Our blog is not the usual personal diary, an area for venting ideas and opinions, but a collection of articles based on the latest official scientific studies that will revolutionize your ideas and beliefs on the theme of health and prevention.
Here you will find the basis of our work that has been going on for years, where we provide our knowledge to give information as close as possible to the truth and above all free from any conflict of interest.


The answers to today’s health problems come from our past. Homo Sapiens is the result of strict natural selection that has been going on for millions of years. Only through the study of our evolution can we understand how we should live and what behavior to adopt to prevent chronic degenerative diseases, now a scourge worldwide.


Movement is a primary human need, but it does not always mean health. Our musculoskeletal system is programmed to perform precise motor tasks that are neither marathons, nor day trips on the bike, nor competitive sports. Find out how we have to move to promote health, prevent diseases and injuries.


Like every animal species, man also has his own spectrum of foods adapted to his nutritional needs. We are talking about species-specific food, i.e. food that is compatible with our DNA. Today, what, when and how we eat is determined by social, cultural and economic factors that care little about the compatibility between food and DNA. The science of traditional nutrition cannot help but compromise with a system made up of food industries, social habits and cultural factors, leaving us in a sea of half-knowledge, half-truths and some lies.


The great nutritional deficiencies of the past, which led to diseases such as scurvy, beri beri and pellagra, are now a sad memory at least in Western societies. However, the contemporary lifestyle promotes the development of nutritional micro deficiencies that represent significant risks to health. Living most of the time within four walls, eating greenhouse fruits and vegetables, farmed meats and processed foods rich in calories but poor in vitamins and minerals, food supplementation becomes a fundamental ally.


Health prevention is a huge and important issue. Here we will discuss a variety of topics relating to the all-round lifestyle and the prevention of chronic degenerative diseases. Prevention is always better than cure.



Today’s lifestyle often suppresses our true needs and requirements as living beings. As a result, disturbances and various psychological issues can arise that we can in many cases solve by changing our lifestyle. However, the information and knowledge that we have been disseminating for years is useless if we do not manage to apply it with perseverance and dedication. Therefore, changing habits, whatever they may be, is the most important part of our work and we will guide you step by step through this undertaking.

Leaky Gut: an Underestimated Condition

Surely, few of you have heard of intestinal permeability or Leaky Gut Symdrome. This recently discovered issue which doctors too often are not aware of, is very important in the relationship between diet and disease. This dangerous condition could be the cause and the...

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The Advantages of Hiring a Personal Trainer

Body movement is an innate peculiarity of every living being, fundamental for proper development and survival, which allows us to interact with the surrounding environment. In nature, and also for man until recently, moving was essential for obtaining food and not...

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Breakfast: the Sweet and Reassuring Lie

Breakfast is the best meal and you could never start the day without it. How many times have we heard phrases of this kind? How many times in the morning did our parents tie us to the chair and force us to eat biscuits, milk, toast, butter and jam? Nutritionists,...

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