What we are witnessing in recent years in the Internet world is a real legalized fraud. We are talking about the world of fitness, which inevitably has long found in the network a way of expression, advertising and above all profit.

Working through the network or other means is just right and legitimate as long as you distribute a product that works. Unfortunately, here we meet too much dishonesty, and most of what you see on the internet are lies and illusions.

How many of you have gone to the web looking for videos and tips on how to build a perfect physique? Inevitably, you have also jumped in the youtube channels of famous fitness bloggers and people with those huge and lean muscles, real living anatomical tables telling you what to do in order to become like them, by talking about training and nutrition methods.

Unfortunately, in addition to training, nutrition and food supplementation there is much more, a theme that everyone knows about but no one speaks: anabolic steroids.

These drugs, classified by WADA as doping, are mainly represented by synthetic versions of male hormone testosterone. The first synthetic version of testosterone dates back to 1935, at the height of experiments and scientific research begun in 1905 with the aim of counteracting or greatly improving the aging process.
Since then, testosterone and its major derivatives, anabolic steroids, are employed in very different fields, instead for the therapies for which they were meant.

Since the 1950s, anabolic steroids are regularly used in professional sports, primarily in bodybuilding, to increase strength and muscle mass to inhumane levels. Not only in the world of bodybuilding where they are used in high doses, but today these drugs (we remember being illegal, with the exception of therapeutic purposes such as hypogonadism and impotence treatment), although used in smaller doses, have found a fertile market also in the world of fitness and commercial gyms. Not only professional athletes use it, but anabolic drugs are also spreading among amateurs and people who just want to look better before the summer season.

Athletes with impressive physiques, telling around that their results are merely due to their dedication to training and infinite sacrifices, open a youtube channel where they publish videos about training, nutrition and the use of dietary supplements. In a short time, that channel receives many subscribers, usually young, unknowing youngsters who get impressed by that physique. Meanwhile, the videos address to online coaching services. Unconsciously the guys subscribe to coaching and start paying to receive training sheets.
Until here, there is nothing wrong with the exceptions that our characters are shamelessly lying. Their achievements do not come from training and diet, but from the use of anabolic steroids.
And here is the fraud.

Even though you will follow their training, nutrition, and food supplement cards, you will never get the promised results. Because simply those methods do not work for you because you are not taking anabolic steroids. Intensive daily workouts without recovery days, illogical muscle combinations and absurd diets do not work on natural athletes.

What you will get at best is giving up the physical activity. But there is worse. When many guys come to know that, that personality is on anabolic drugs, your frustration leads you to the conclusion that using drugs is inevitable in order to achieve results. Then start taking them too, running great health risks, falling into the vicious circle of drug addiction.

Well yes, these drugs are able to increase strength, muscle mass and decrease fat mass even without training! In short terms, you will find yourself with a formidable physical form never seen before, miraculous, right? But all you get with anabolic drugs is an illusion and once you stop with the injections, your body will return as mediocre as before and your progress will vanish completely. This will get you into a deep depression until you find the money to buy from your drug dealer another cycle of anabolic hormones. In addition, side effects are not lacking: premature death, gynecomastia, myocardial infarction, stroke, acne, hormonal disorders, depression, hypertension, and aggression are the main ones.
Look at the great bodybuilding champions who just stop taking steroids because of injuries or health problems. Within a couple of months, colossus of 120 kilos of muscles at 4-5% fat mass, are again insignificant, perhaps comparable to a manual worker.

Take a look at the web looking for “premature deaths due to steroids”.
It is really worthy? The answer is clearly NO.

In addition, the training methods that those people promote are worth nothing. Natural training is another world. Only those who are under anabolic steroids can workout every day, for several hours, and even twice a day, combining muscle groups illogically or as many instructing instinctively in complete muscular chaos. The same training methods that are taught in fitness instructor courses, such as the famous 5 x 5, 4 x 10, the pyramid method, do not work on natural athletes because they are simply created by doped athletes. The Bill Star method, the various Russian and Bulgarian strength cycles, high-intensity techniques such as Mike Mentzer’s Heavy duty are other examples of methods created by doped people which, if applied to natural athletes do not work or at best give little results, putting them in situations of very high risk of injury.

If you do not have experience, it is very difficult not to fall into fraud because these guys never talk about anabolic drugs, and if they deal with the topic, they never take a clear stand on that. They may say that anabolic drugs are health harmful and illegal but they never sentence the people who use them and they will always find justifications. Moreover, to your questions like “do you use anabolic drugs?” they will always deny, first because it is illegal and second because their dirty career would be over.

But if you have a bit of experience, these guys can lie as much they want, but they are going to be unmasked. There are some special signs that characterize the doped people and below we will list them in an attempt to give you more tools to independently consult the web, select the information and understand what is true and what is illusory.

The weight/height ratio: let’s take into account that you are 1.80 meters high and weigh 90 kilos, well you would be a hp + 10. But be careful because this parameter only works if you are below 10-12% fat mass otherwise you will only be overweight or obese. Athletes with a weight/height ratio of hp +20 and over are not likely natural.

Huge muscle mass: muscles that seem to explode, very pronounced stondations, especially on deltoids and trapezius, muscular fullness out of the ordinary, and very obvious separation and muscle streaks are clear signs of the use of anabolic drugs.

Reduced fat mass: fat masses below 6-7% are almost impossible to reach without the use of anabolic drugs unless you are in a state of continuous malnutrition. Athletes whose fat is only stored in the cell membranes and the brain are taking anabolic drugs without any doubt.

Vascular system very extended: have you ever seen those guys who have veins and arteries everywhere and big as water pipes? Do not trust these people. Certainly a good workout creates vascular hypertrophy but within certain natural limits without anabolic steroids.

Muscle Growth Rate: Have you ever seen people in the gym and after a few months gain so many muscles that you do not recognize them anymore? Well, they are taking anabolic drugs, the only ones that can accelerate muscle growth at these levels.

Short recovery times: Intensive training 7 days a week is it possible for a natural athlete? Training this way is only possible if you are supported by anabolic drugs. The natural athletes can not because they need longer recovery times and especially deload times, something unknown to the doped. Do not follow too frequent and intense training schedules or your cortisol level will be so high to literally destroy your muscles.

Acne and skin eruption: these complications are due to changes in the hormonal system and the use of anabolic steroids might be the main cause. The dorsal area and the back, where the androgen receptors are present in higher concentrations, are the most affected areas. People who are on steroids are often full of skin bleeding bubbles.

Abdominal excessive swelling: it is caused by side effects of anabolic drugs such as the human growth hormone.

Facial bone remodeling: enlarging the jaw, flattening the nose bones and the forehead that becomes more prominent are signs of the use of the human growth hormone.

Hair loss: many of the anabolic steroids can increase the likelihood of premature baldness (androgenic alopecia) in people with a genetic predisposition to the condition.

Gynecomastia: devastating side effect (especially psychologically) and widespread among amateurs. When the doses of testosterone taken are too high, the body will defend itself by producing estrogen that will lead to the growth of the breasts. In practice, if you mess with the doses and do not take anti-estrogen at the same time, you will find yourself with a set of beautiful breasts just like your girlfriend. Cool, is not it?
If anabolic drugs are taken by a woman, further characteristic signs and side effects are added: lowering the tone of voice, clitoral hypertrophy, menstrual cycle changes, and body and facial hair growth, even in typically male areas (back, beard etc ..). Fortunately, anabolic drugs are less common among women.

In addition, you can be sure that in athletic competitions and challenges where no anti-doping tests are performed, athletes are all doped. And despite the anti-doping test would be performed, there is no guarantee that the athletes are clean. We have now come to madness and there are doping types like the genetic one, which consists mainly in the inhibition of some genes that favor muscle growth, which are not detectable by any tests.

By the time of the advent of anabolic drugs in the 50’s to date, a period of lack of moral value, where appearance, social networks and professional sports move a billion dollar business, it is impossible to find natural physics.

Everything will be done in order to become famous, to win competitions, to earn sponsorship, and the use of anabolic drugs and doping is now an indissoluble part of this system.
I would say that all the famous physics in the post-anabolic steroid age are false expectations if you want to remain pure morally, honestly and remain in the legality, therefore training naturally. Natural does not mean mediocre as everyone thinks and you can get to get a great physique.

The physiques you have to take as an example and goal are those of athletes born and formed before the era of steroids, so before the 50’s. Natural physics such as Eugene Sandov and Steeve Reves are the models you can aspire to, maybe even something more due to the best training equipment, nutrition science and food supplements.

But forget the great physiques of Mr Olympia and famous fitness bloggers and models..
Stay morally pure, do not be fooled and do not fall victim to the brand of doping,
Doping is an illusion. Doping is dead.
Come to train naturally with Evoplus, we are waiting for you.